19 November

Creative Hostess Gifts

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My mother always told me that whenever you visit someone’s home - you should always bring a gift. It can be flowers, bread, wine, dessert or something that is personal to the hostess. This holiday season, be a “creative giver”, and take something special to the homes of those you will visit. Give something thats […]

13 November

This Week’s Vendor Spotlight: Fabius Grange

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Deb Zsori, owner of Fabius Grange has been with Grand Marketplace since opening and is an integral member of the merchant family. We asked her to share a little about her passions with us. How long have you been in the business and how did you get started? I’ve been obsessed with vintage since I […]

11 November
15 October

Never worn Vintage Hats

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These valore, feathered and beaded vintage hats are simply works of art.

11 October

John Waddingham drawings and paintings

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John Waddingham was the former editorial art director at the Oregonian newspaper and long time Portland artist. He passed away in 2002. He is known for his watercolors, cityscapes and line drawings. We have a very nice collection of his signed drawings and watercolors. These are a special piece of Portland history.

11 October

Retro Lawn Chairs - do you remember when?

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These colorful retro lawn chairs bring back memories of beach trips, camping at the lake, and marking our spot on the curb for the July 4th parade. I’m sure you have similar reflections. We are proud to have trio of these “endless summer’ gems.

10 October

Last Flea Market of the Year

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We’ve had so much fun hosting a monthly flea market at Grand Marketplace - and this Saturday marks the last one for the year from 10am to 4pm. As the moon waxes and wanes and the maple leaves begin to fall, we will roll out our merchant tents one last time - inviting friends, neighbors […]

7 August

Lighten Up

Here at Grand Marketplace we have many amazing finds for your home and beyond. We have furnishings for every room in your house from top to bottom. Looking for an amazing dining table? We have several amazing and unique tables for your dining room. Want a great sofa for your amazingly eclectic living room? We’ve […]

31 July

Grand Dame of the Marketplace

Andrea Jones will be the first to tell you she’s nothing special; that she owes it all to her “amazing” team.  But I’m here to set the record straight about this amazing lady with the “Midas Touch”.  Though this power-house has a schedule calendar that resembles the last 14 chapters of War and Peace, I […]

5 May

Second Floor Rentals and Production

We are happy to announce that vintage rental company, Black Sweet Raspberry and eclectic home furnishings store, Seek the Unique have joined forces to collaborate on an exciting new venture, Second Floor Rentals & Production at the Grand Marketplace. Not only will the inventory be even more vast, but they are drawing on extensive past […]