29 November

Digs - delivers

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Digs is a full service interior and garden design studio and cute little boutique for well-designed stuff. They believe in color, and lots of it. They believe in curated and eclectic interiors and gardens. They believe in high and low as well as old and new. we believe in getting out into the world often, great […]

27 November

Sketch artists get inspired

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This week we were visited by the “Les Compagnon’s de l’Esquisse - a group of artists who come for still-life sketching. It was such a thrill to meet them and take a peek at some of their sketch books.  We hope they will come back and continue to be inspired by our ever-changing vignettes.

26 November

Meet Litte Green Pagoda

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Little Green Pagoda is a delightful shop within Grand Marketplace.  Shoppers will find many treasures from vintage and antique textiles, rugs, and jewelry. Proprietor Kathy Brock travels regularly in the U.S. and overseas to find unique, hand made collectibiles. We caught up with her for a brief interview so find out a little more about […]

19 November

Creative Hostess Gifts

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My mother always told me that whenever you visit someone’s home - you should always bring a gift. It can be flowers, bread, wine, dessert or something that is personal to the hostess. This holiday season, be a “creative giver”, and take something special to the homes of those you will visit. Give something thats […]

13 November

This Week’s Vendor Spotlight: Fabius Grange

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Deb Zsori, owner of Fabius Grange has been with Grand Marketplace since opening and is an integral member of the merchant family. We asked her to share a little about her passions with us. How long have you been in the business and how did you get started? I’ve been obsessed with vintage since I […]

11 November