19 October

An Update on Kathy’s Travels in Turkey

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Kathy Brock runs Little Green Pagoda, one of the beautiful spaces in the Grand Marketplace. She specializes in textiles, such as kilims, and jewelry pieces from Western Asia. What is a kilim you ask. Well, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilim. Roughly, they are ornate flat woven rugs often used for prayer. Kathy visits Turkey roughly twice a year to visit […]

18 October

Familiarly Odd

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Remember walking into your Granddad’s workshop and seeing old glass jars filled with nuts, screws, and other mysterious bits? Often the jars would have their lids stapled or nailed to the rafters, like some strange growth that only forms in garages. Someone saved their empty jam jars and, operating on the same thrifty and space-saving […]

10 October

The Grand Marketplace Welcomes a New Vendor

The Grand Marketplace Welcomes a New Vendor

  Sue Rowley is moving in today, carting in furniture and setting up right at the far end of the front desk. Sue’s business is called Bella, but she swore up and down that it isn’t named after the vampire girl. The business was named Bella when she started it in 2007, because “bella” means […]

5 October

Yesterday’s Prototype for Tomorrow

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Most prototypes are forgotten. Some are squirreled away until they become valuable. One interesting prototype has made its way into the Grand Marketplace. The dark chair pictured below was a prototype created in the 1960s by an architecture firm in California. David Marshall of Junk Empire found this prototype, which was a precursor to a […]

1 October

Shirley and the Lamps

Shirley and the Lamps

I was cruising around Grand Marketplace looking for somebody in need of assistance, or at least in need of measuring tape, when I came across Doug Nakanishi and Shirley Yancey chatting it up. Shirley Yancey rewires and creates lamps; her business is called Lamps by Shirley. I noticed a flock of heart shaped baking pans […]