31 July

Grand Dame of the Marketplace

Andrea Jones will be the first to tell you she’s nothing special; that she owes it all to her “amazing” team.  But I’m here to set the record straight about this amazing lady with the “Midas Touch”.  Though this power-house has a schedule calendar that resembles the last 14 chapters of War and Peace, I […]

3 January

New Vendor

Moving in this week is the lovely Bee & Mason.  A mix of vintage, sourcing, and interior styling. Francisca Wolters is the creative mind behind Bee & Mason Vintage. She is an avid designer and picker  that strongly believes in the telling of a  story. Francisca strives to portray each clients unique personality and story […]

6 November

The Steel Desk and the Story

The desk was beautiful. There was no mystery in that. But, of course, I had some questions. Where did it come from? Who made that desk? And, where did they get all that style?   I had the names of the people responsible, Allie and MC of L+R Design Lab. What I didn’t have was […]

19 October

An Update on Kathy’s Travels in Turkey

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Kathy Brock runs Little Green Pagoda, one of the beautiful spaces in the Grand Marketplace. She specializes in textiles, such as kilims, and jewelry pieces from Western Asia. What is a kilim you ask. Well, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilim. Roughly, they are ornate flat woven rugs often used for prayer. Kathy visits Turkey roughly twice a year to visit […]

10 October

The Grand Marketplace Welcomes a New Vendor

The Grand Marketplace Welcomes a New Vendor

  Sue Rowley is moving in today, carting in furniture and setting up right at the far end of the front desk. Sue’s business is called Bella, but she swore up and down that it isn’t named after the vampire girl. The business was named Bella when she started it in 2007, because “bella” means […]

1 October

Shirley and the Lamps

Shirley and the Lamps

I was cruising around Grand Marketplace looking for somebody in need of assistance, or at least in need of measuring tape, when I came across Doug Nakanishi and Shirley Yancey chatting it up. Shirley Yancey rewires and creates lamps; her business is called Lamps by Shirley. I noticed a flock of heart shaped baking pans […]

24 September

Ode to the Aebleskiver

The lovely Debi Burton and Jim Blondeau, of Ormolulu, have got a aebleskiver pan up for sale! Not everyone knows what an aebleskiver is so not everyone can appreciate how entirely awesome it is to stumble upon a beauteous skiver pan. Debi has rightly pointed out that such a pan could serve for as a […]

15 September

Flares and Eyes: A Talk with Doug Nakanishi

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Today, when I mentioned something about it being time for another blog post, Andrea immediately sent me down to the end of the shop boulevard to talk with Doug Nakanishi who runs Vintage Rust. Doug had three large plastic tubs and was getting ready to add more strange hunks of metal to the assortment that […]